Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Out

John Edwards dropped out of the Presidential race today. Honestly, I was a bit surprised. He constantly said that his campaign wasn't about himself; it was about the issues his campaign was raising (health care, inequality, corporate power), and pledged to stay into the race until the bitter end. I'm not saying I believed that his campaign wasn't about himself to an extent, you have to have a pretty big ego to run for President, after all; but I did think he would stay in until the end.

So, now the Democratic nomination will go to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Their policies are basically the same so I think it will boil down to who is more likable. OBAMA, ahem. That man moves people whereas Hillary comes off as cold and calculating.

Judging from the rhetoric of the Democratic and Republican primaries, in November 2008 we will elect either the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan, or the Second Coming of John F. Kennedy.

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